The Box Tops for Education™ program is an easy way for your family and friends to
support our school. Box Tops may be found on many of the products you already purchase.

There are four types of Box Tops:

  1. Box Top Clips – these are found on hundreds of product packages and are worth $.10.
  2. Bonus Certificates – Look for these primarily in stores on specially marked packages and at checkout printed on a receipt. These vary based on the promotion.
  3. eBox Tops Codes – Occasionally, you may come across a printed 16 digit eBoxTops code.
  4. Bonus eBox Tops – When you are a member of and participate in your grocer’s loyalty card program, you can earn Bonus eBox Tops. These electronic bonuses are automatically credited.

Please send your clipped Box Tops and Bonus Certificates into your child’s class by Friday, October 27, 2017. Box Tops may be submitted in plastic bags, envelopes or on the reverse Box Tops collection sheet. Please send in any and all unexpired Box Tops. Every Box Tops counts!

Please be sure to check the expiration date of the Box Tops and Certificates. Expired Box Tops and Certificates are not accepted. 

Each class that collects 500 or more unexpired Box Tops will earn a Popsicle Party!

For more information regarding the Box Tops for Education program, please visit or contact Michelle Popelmayer at (Box Tops Coordinator for Bluffsview).



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