We are working with SchoolKidz again this year to provide school supply kits filled with the supplies requested by our teachers for each grade level and EPP.  In addition, we are offering the opportunity to purchase backpacks, lunch boxes and other accessories.

Ways to Order:

  • Orders can be placed online at www.shopttkits.com using account number 30600.  The online ordering deadline is June 1st.

  • Complete order form and return to school with a check made out to Bluffsview PTA.  If purchasing more than one kit and/or supplies, the check can be made out for the total amount. Order forms are due in the office by May 18.

Supply Kit Pick-Up Day will be August 10, the same day class lists will be posted.  Times have not yet been determined for pickup.  Watch for summer emails!  Plan Books will be available for purchase too.  All students in Grades 2- 6 will need a plan book.  They are $7.00 each.

EPP Math:  Graph paper, ear buds or headphones and calculators are available for purchase on the Bulk Order Form.  Purchasing a calculator for EPP is optional.  Geometry templates will be available for purchase on August 10th as well.  They are $8.00 each.

Please Note:  Teachers are requesting that each student have earbuds or headphones.  In Kindergarten, headphones are preferred.  They may be purchased at a store of your choosing or they are available for purchase on the Bulk Order Form.

If you have any questions please contact Jamie DeCarlo at mjeadecarlo@gmail.com.


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