The Bluffsview PTA sponsors many special events throughout the school year.

FAMILY FUN NIGHT: Featuring a band and food trucks, this family event kicks off our events for the year. October 18, 2018

TURKEY TROT: Typically scheduled the day before Thanksgiving Break, this walk-a-thon incorporates fitness and fun into a fundraiser. Students and staff trot the bear path during relates arts, lunch, and recess periods. In past years, funds were used to purchase for SMART Boards and Chromebook carts for the classrooms. November 20, 2018

COSI ON WHEELS: COSI on Wheels introduces dynamic science topics to the entire school with a high-energy, 45-minute assembly followed by a day of hands-on activities that enhance science inquiry skills and encourage continued learning. January TBA, 2019

READ-A-THON: The Read-a-Thon incorporates reading and fun into a week-long event that promotes literacy. TBA (January 2019)

READ-IN: At the Read-In, families come together to celebrate our love of reading with fun activities such as read-alouds, flashlight reading, guest readers, public library activities, and even cruise the library to check out library books. TBA (January 2019)

STAFF RAFFLE: A fun event in which students buy chances to win a special treat, lunch, extra gym time, etc. offered by our own Bluffsview teachers.  TBA (February 2019)

BIZ-TOWN: The PTA pays for our fifth grade students to attend Biz-Town each year. By working in one of 15 JA BizTown shops, students learn what it takes to run a successful business, manage a checking account and work as a team. TBA (February 2019)

DUDES N DONUTS: Students and their “dudes” are honored with donuts before school. March 1, 2019

CARNIVAL & RAFFLE: Join us for an afternoon full of fun including carnival games, food, the ‘cake walk’, balloons, face painting, amazing raffle prizes, & much more! TBA (April 2019)

SCIENCE NIGHT: A fun family night of science experiments. TBA (May 2019)

DAMES N DONUTS: Students and their “dames” are honored with donuts before school. May 3, 2019